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5/15/2006 Where to begin over the past two years since I've updated? Life, mostly. I've been dealing with the stresses of work and taking care of a sick WebCoon, who was diagnosed with a long-term illness last year. Still, I have been working, off and on, mostly off, on developing a re-tooling of Misty to give it a more comic-like feel with less dependence on the four-panel gag.

It's still a bit off, but I have beginning scripts and one page penciled, but not yet inked.

At the same time, the WebCoon & I are trying to get to AnthroCon again this year, and this year we're bringing the work of a few other awesome artists with us as well. So, once again, we're in a donation drive. Our overall goal is $1000. I know that sounds like a lot, but every little bit helps, and not making the goal doesn't necesarily mean we won't be able to go, but it does hurt our chances severely.

Now, nobody likes to give something for nothing. I've had my Cafepress stores for some time, and I get $1 for everything purchased through it. Also, everyone who donates at least $5 will get something. Cash donations can be made through the PayPal button below.

Donation levels
$5 - A bonus .png not available on any site, full color with background, suitable size for wallpaper.
$10 - 8.5x11 print
$25 - Jumbo print
$50 - Inked picture of your furry persona
$100 - Full color picture of your furry persona

Donation levels are cumulative!! And, if we meet our goal, everyone who donated will be invited to a Misty get-together at AnthroCon. And if we can't make it this year, all donations will go to next year's attempt.

What you'll be seeing around here - When I was still in school, I did a mini-comic of about 8 pages. While I'm getting the "official" first comic off the ground, I'll be posting a page wa week. The art is rough and the story's choppy, but it's the first time I attempted to do anything with Maureen and Teddy's families, and we get to see Misty's brother.

I'll be giving the whole site a much-needed facelift.

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Misty is (C) and TM Susan Jones

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